Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soundgarden-The Day I Tried To Live

One of my favorite grunge hard-rockin' bands, Soundgarden has a surprising number of fun bass beats. Ben Shephard is a pretty good bassist... he'd be at lot better if he wasn't overshadowed by three other amazing musicians. Starting of the several songs by them I will likely post, this song, with its unique 15/8 time signatures and falling bass line, is probably one of their easiest songs to play. Still, one of the most fun. That main riff, played entirely on the E string, is just some slow notes tapped on alternating with open strings. A key change in the pre-chorus and a simple note structure in the chorus keep the simplicity of the song... but man, you just can't get around that awesome verse riff. Listen to it here to see what I mean. If you want to play along, get tabs here. And be absolutely sure, since you won't have to concentrate on complex playing, to headbang in appropriate areas. A lot.

On a side note, when i looked up the video, I found this awesome cover of this song by Between The Buried And Me. Never saw this before, but its pretty cool. Doesn't beat Soundgarden's original, but nonetheless pretty rockin'.