Monday, September 13, 2010


This strange, somewhat creepy tune is what got me into an obsession with Interpol. Carlos D's bass was the perfect backbeat to fill up and round out all of the band's work, and it pisses me off he left. Especially since he ripped on bass doing so. Anyway, this song is a really easy one to play, albeit an interesting one. Giving the entire song a driving push forward, this is really fun to play along with the song. Some simple finger picking should do the trick, as you will want to have a smooth, rich tone when you play it (oddly clashing with the rest of this track's more cutting tone). Avoid picks on this one, it'll make it sound way too sharp. These tabs are the best you'll find, and here is the freaky music video to listen and play along to. Enjoy it, and look up more of Interpol's stuff if you like it. Their first two cds are masterpieces.

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