Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fall Of Troy-Reassurance Rests In The Sea

It is time to stroke my huge fanboy-ism of the Fall Of Troy. If you don't like screaming and shanties, get out. Now. This song is probably my favorite of the band's earlier work, when they had the bass beast that is Tim Ward. This song is fast paced for the most part and driven by a constant barrage of harsh sixteenths, so some hand stamina is in order for this one. The chorus requires expert hand control, as you must play a rather odd note sequence, followed by an interlude involving some fast fret work around the 10 and 12 frets. After another blast through the chorus, get ready for one of the most fun, sea shanty-sounding bass parts ever included in a hardcore song. 'Nuff said, just lots of practice coordinating both hands here. You will have a load of fun playing this, guaranteed. Tabs here, video here. It may take some work to properly apply the tabs to the actual tune, but when you do, you'll love it, I guarantee. If not, put your bass down and never play it again. I will not tolerate you.