Monday, September 20, 2010

My setup.

Well after taking a break for the weekend, I realized I should probably share my instrument preference whilst celebrating my bass-ic obsession. My only remaining bass, my Spector Legend 5-string, is a beautiful beast of an instrument. This baby with a gorgeous cherry finish, wide-ranged 24 fretted neck, and booming lower B string makes me just down right proud to play. The tone you get through those EMGs is the richest I've played. You can play soulful, headbanging, or older music and capture all the different sounds of each. And I managed to get this gem for half off! Bargains ftw! I throw this sound all out through a Peavey 115... not the loudest, but the different tones and styles you can get through this baby are great for the low price tag. So tell me... what are your favorite kinds of basses? Which are the best-sounding, and which are the coolest looking? What amps do you play? Any suggestions for me or other bassists who may see this?

Other than "play a different instrument"...


  1. Keep up the good work!
    May The FORCE Be With You!

  2. Oh nice blog you got here mate! will take some extra peak at it!

  3. ah you asked what language the blog is in? well its in swedish!

  4. i wanted to play bass all my life but never got the time to take lessons =(